Pope John XXIII High School offers students a comprehensive athletic program which is designed to contribute to the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth of students.  While we certainly seek to enjoy competitive programs, the concepts of sportsmanship and fair play far outweigh the excitement of success and the joy of victory.  Good sportsmanship is expected daily on the fields, in the gyms, in the locker rooms, and in the stands, whether in a practice session or in the middle of a heated contest.  Opposing teams, their fans, and officials will be treated as honored guests when visiting Pope John XXIII High School.  When our Lions travel to other schools, they will behave in a manner demonstrating the respect a guest should show to a host.  Coaches, players, students, faculty, parents, and other fans should always keep in mind that they represent Pope John XXIII High School and bear the responsibility of upholding high standards and representing our school with pride and courtesy.

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